random shapes = the puffs.

Random shapes + little eyes = the puffs. Just did these while at work today.

Post its & water color sketches.

Just a quick post of some loose sketches around the office.

Fresh out the oven.

Some work from tonight's figure session. I think my game plan will be to keep working with value studies during the figure sessions to help me get a better grasp on light and form. I'll work on some color studies in my daily sketch book while I'm out and about.

Mandatory saturday sketch break!

Wow that was a long title for just one sketch. Just a quick pen drawing while taking a break last Saturday. I'm getting close to finishing up block of shots that I have had allot of fun working on. Tomo and I had to step away from the computers to get some air. I'm thinking of starting a sketch book of just location drawing around the studio...

Lindsay and I are going to attend the Nucleus galleries next show this weekend. Should be a really fun, and we hope to see ya there! Also this video below is one that my office mate K-Mac showed me a few days ago and I have watched it at least 10 times. Good stuff!

Figure and some Color!

Its been a little bit sense my last post, but I have made the choice to start using color more in my daily sketches. I'll be traveling with some watercolors and will be hitting up the painting opportunities at work more starting next week. In the mean time here are a few figure drawings and one watercolor of one of the corners in my apartment.