Monsters vs Aliens trailer during half time!

Have your 3D glasses ready and watch for the 
Monsters vs Aliens trailer during half time! 


A couple pages from this past weekends trip to MA.

Sullivan, John

I'm taking a caricature drawing class at work and wanted to try a few of the tips out. The reference is from a boxing book I have titled The Encyclopedia of Boxing by Gilbert Odd. I flipped through the pages  that covered fighters from the 30's-50's. I came to a picture that stood out to me. So below is a take on the fighter Sullivan, John. 

"Many do not regard Sullivan as being the champion of the world, because those fights in which he won the title were fought under Prize Ring rules. However, he did box with gloves, even if it was only in his last fight in which he was knocked out in 21 rounds by James J Corbett..."

I'll try to post more of these drawings as they come. But please bare with me, I have a tough time pushing the shapes while keeping a likeness! Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.


Here are two quick sketches I worked on this weekend.


A few from the sketchbook. Enjoy!

drawings coming soon, but in the mean time.

I'm scanning some pages from the sketch book tonight. And will hopefully put them up in the next couple of days. I'm excited to be taking a caricature class at work! I haven't done much in the way of caricatures so I'm interested in hearing someone's approach and workflow. Hope all is going well for everyone. 

Below are a few shots from a walk I took over the weekend up near Lindsay's. We lucked out and had a clear and calm few hours as the sunset. I hope you enjoy.