2011 coming to a close

Photo by Sabine Scherer
2011 is coming to a close. You can usually read here how fast the year has past, and how busy things have been. That hasn't changed, if anything those two dials have been turned up yet another notch for 2011. But am very grateful to have had this year's journey. 

For one, Lindsay and I were able to have a wonderful wedding with family and friends in San Francisco! A day we both will look back at with big smiles on our faces. Grateful for another year of growing and learning as animators at the studios. Being a part of these animation teams mean so much to Lindsay and I.

DreamWorks provided a great volunteer program through the Second Harvest Food Bank in San mateo county. It has become an extremely rewarding adventure to take part in. Each time we attend, the staff at the Food Bank tell us just how many meals have been getting to the local family's in our communities.

As we all have so much to be grateful for, its wonderful to take a moment and give back to those who could use a smile, a meal, a helping hand, or just someone to listen to. Below are a few links that have been great resources to Lindsay and I over the years. Giving abit of time or money can help make those smiles appear, fill an empty stomach, and help to provide some shelter 


Hope that everyone is finishing up this year on a good note, and looking to the New Year with excitement!