Mr. Box and Lonely World.

Messing around with watercolors after looking through some of Donnachada and Chua's old posts. Can't help but be inspired by those fun drawings!

Cheesecake factory!

Just a quick drawing while at the table chatting with some friends. I don't know what I was doing with that marker but it was making sense in the dim light of the restaurant. hehe.


After looking over my friends group me wanting to just relax and draw. After a few lines I realized it was kinda looking like a Giraffe. I think it has something to do with Lindsay saying she wants to take a animal scultping class and make a giraffe.

Don't let the fact bother you that he is off center and a little tipsy. I need to work on that...

Long day...

Today was a long day for some reason. I'm starting on a new set of shots which I'm really pumped about. BUT...The first one is a real task for me, and is really testing me. So after a day of trying different things and not getting what I wanted. I went on down to the figure session going on after work. Its always a nice break from being in front of the computer for so many hours to just sit down and draw from life. Its also great to listen to the other guys who are regulars there talk art, animation, and film.

Figure class.

Just a few drawings from figure tonight was having problems with faces tonight so I ended up having fun with one of drawings below with some crazy visor thing...I know I will be doing more head studies in the coming weeks.

Figure class.

Just dopping in a few drawings from tonights session of figure.

Things are getting busy!

Back from a nice 3 day weekend! Got a chance to check out PDI up north, and see some of my friends who are working on Shrek 3. Lindsay and I also went whale watching Saturday morning out in Monterey. We got to see a Humpback, and a pod of Grey whales which was just amazing. Then we spent most of the weekend buzzing around the bay area. I really only got to sit and do one drawing, and of course it was when I’m waiting for my plane to board Monday night. Sadly I think I’m drawing at airports waaayyy to much lately.

First post of the new year!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday break! Below are a couple sketches to start things off. During lunch a few guys from work went over to draw some horses and I have to say it was a blast. One of the animators at work Tomo gave me this great pen from Japan on his trip home there during the holidays, and was great for drawing the horses. I hope we get to do more location sketching during the lunch breaks as the projects roll on. The other image is of sketches done during meetings, and dailies. Gotta love the classic office post-it.

Also got a chance to see Children of Men...Really great film, and how they pulled off those long shots is beyond me.