Texas and back!

Just got back from SUGARLAND! Robin, and Jared's wedding was wonderful. Below are a couple quick sketches I did on the plane ride out to see everyone.

Bjork "thank you!"

Back from another fun filled weekend. This time fitting in a concert with Bjork, and a drive up some of highway 1 towards Halfmoon Bay. I added some photographs of the weekends trip under my photography link. I will be posting more photo's as I get them processed. I have to say getting into photography has been amazing. Really allows myself to switch the mind into a different gear and think of one frame instead of a string of sequenced frames. Yet many rules still apply that work with both animation and the camera which is great. I'm hoping that maybe a few of us at the studio can start up a photography club of some kind.

With the long weekend approaching Lindsay and I are getting ready for wedding invite part two! Should be fun, can't wait to see many of the RSAD crew again. Well below is a quick drawing I did while waiting for my plane ride up to San Fran. Well if I don't get to post again before the long weekend, have a safe one!

Figure after work.

Like usual some more figure hehehe. On another note this weekend I'll be seeing Bjork in concert! I'm pumped about that, sense I have heard from so many people that she puts on a great show.

first take.

A few shots I did last night after work. Just trying to get the hang of all the settings.

Someone's watching...

Have a great weekend everyone!


I just received word that my option pickup with DreamWorks Animation is a go for another YEAR! It's great that I get to finish out Bee Movie with the team, and roll onto a new film there after. Its been an amazing first year, and I owe allot of it to the people I work with.

Break during sunday hours.

Took a quick break while at the studio this weekend. Was a great day out so getting to sit and relax with a drawing was great!