Ringing in the new year :)

Yet another year has come to pass. Its been an intense year for sure. It will be tough to recap it all in one post. But here we go!

Work has been a whirl wind! Wrapped Madagascar 3, then over to Rise of the Guardians, then to Turbo! Its been a fun challenge trying to get a hold of each film's style. Approaching my seven year anniversary at DWA is a little unreal. Time is flying! I'm grateful being able to learn and grow with this animation department. So much talent across the campuses. Cannot wait for next years challenges for us to tackle! 

In March Lindsay and I took a trip to New York City.  While we were there we went to a show we had heard a lot about called Sleep No More.  It was a sort of interactive play where you could freely walk around a 5 story warehouse and follow actors to get the story.  It was amazingly detailed and really a great experience.  We also scored tickets to see The Daily Show with guest Will Ferrell!  It was really fun and despite having to wait in line for hours the filming only takes about 30-45 minutes.

NYC from Casa Hotel.
Lindsay surprised me with a trip to Yosemite for my 30th. We hope to get back soon, the trails are nice and the landscape is cinematic. Huge granite walls rising up above the valley floors and water falls cascading down in almost every corner. 
Yosemite Falls.
Started teaching. Getting to interact with the students from Animation Mentor and Texas A&M has been extremely rewarding! Lindsay and I sure had some steep learning curves and nervous nights finding our way as instructors but, its been worth it. I was able to be part of Texas A&M and DreamWorks Animation's Outreach summer program. Being back in a computer lab where the students eat, slept, and breathed their short films was inspiring. (Brought me back to the days being in the Ringling's labs!) Was only there for a week but we covered enough material for an entire semester :) I'm just happy they didn't throw old cupcakes and gumdrops at me during the lectures. 
With the Viz Lab crew.
We had many close friends get married, or start families this year. Its exciting to see everyone moving into these new chapters in their lives. We wish them all the best in the coming years :) One such wedding was of my best friend Joachim and Lilian. This had Lindsay and I traveling over to France and spending several days with Joachim and Lilian's familes. We were given a nice look into everyday living in and around Beauvais. The food was earth shakingly good. With Joachim's Aunt preparing Cassoulet that is now in my top 3 meals ever partaken. Even as we ventured down into Paris all the pastries shops, museums, etc were stunning. 
From the top of the Arch Du Triumph. Even as it rained a little, the view was stunning.
From France we traveled down to Africa for a safari!  We lucked out by having a awesome tour group that clicked on day one! Getting perspectives on life from Holland to New Zealand was hands down one of the most rewarding parts of the trip for me. Of course seeing Lindsay with a smile, ear to ear as we had some nice luck spotting animals in fantastic numbers for that time of year. 
Taken while on Safari Tanzania.
If your still reading, have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year! I'll leave you with Squeaker, chilling in the cat cabin by our tiny tree.