Its getting to be that time of year!

Thanksgiving was great, and getting to meet up with the Ringling crew was non-stop laughs. I hope everyone’s thanksgivings went smoothly as well. Below is a quick sketch I did of a restaurant that Lindsay and I hit up during the holiday weekend. The next few weeks I foresee my posts getting sparse, but work is going to be getting extra hours in the coming weeks.

Also as its getting closer to the x-mass time and I just wanted to post up a couple links to some charity organizations that have been great resources to me over the past few years. One of the links (childsplaycharity) was shown to my by my old roommate Jason, and we both have been active with it for a few years now. There are plenty of places to give a little to and these are just a few.

Happy Holiday’s everyone. Keep drawing, and be safe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe holiday weekend. I have a few figure drawings that I'll put up later tonight. I promise to get some solid drawing time in this weekend as well. Have a good one!

Boston & Back in 25 hours.

Lindsay and I were able to hop some flights over to Boston to visit with my family. It was great to see Patty and Scott fitting into the new roles as parents so well. Needless to say it was all worth it though, the lack of sleep was just like the old days back at Ringling.

Here are some sketches I did while waiting for flights. They are all a blur really, some from Burbank, San Fran, and Boston.

FIgure class.

Here are some sketches I did during figure classes this week. I will put up some animation tests when I get some free time. Work is getting into gear, and I'm tring my best to keep up with the team.

A full weekend.

Lindsay and I did alot of running around this weekend. Managed to fit in a few mins of location/people sketching in there though. Didn't get to draw at Disneyland on Sunday because we stepped off Splash Mountain and were handed these badges that allowed us fast pass any time on all the rides. So, needless to say we basically ran from one ride to the next getting in as much as we could while avoiding the lines.

Also Patty, Sophia, and Scott are all back home from the hospital. Everything went smoothly after she was born and they are settling in back at the house.

Flushed Away & Bee Movie Trailer

Flushed Away hit theaters this Friday. Also before the movie is the first trailer for Bee Movie. I hope everyone gets to check them out this weekend.

On a side note one of the animators who worked on Flushed Away (Jeremy Bernstein.) Did this awesome caricature of me during a meeting before lunch. Check out his blog and you will see him drawin people like a machine. Hehe. Thanks Jeremy.


Just got word that lastnight back in Mass, my brother and his wife just welcomed in their baby daughter Sophia Andrus. Mother and daughter are doing great, and I think my brother is holdin in there too hehehe. More info to follow, and I can't wait to get back home to see her. I wish Patty, Scott, and Sophia the best. Drew this quickly while talkn to family on the phone after my dad sent me a picture of her.