Morning with the boys - cinemagraphs

Came across this photographer/designer's site (frommetoyou by Jamie Beck) a month or so ago which blew me away. Not only are many of the photo's great but the "Cinemagraphs" stopped me dead in my tracks!

A cinemagraph is a great way to highlight a moment. They are highly polished animated GIF's, that really give a nice extended tone. So needless to say I jumped into action to try this out. Granted my first take is very tame compared to their much more complex and interesting executions. Below is a quick moment of our cats resting with the morning bay breeze coming in through the blinds. If you watch the image closely you will see the slight movement at the window while the rest of the moment is frozen in time.

4th of July weekend!

The fourth was great this weekend. Got a chance to meet up with a bunch of friends at different times through out the weekend, and enjoyed a nice firework show up in Sonoma.

Below are a few shots that I was able to get while out Saturday/Sunday morning. Hope you enjoy!