Black Sand

On our Hilo Volcano Tour, we were able to stop off at a Black Sand Beach! Really amazing, hardly anyone was around, and had a moment to just relax. Which was a nice break after a day of running around site seeing. Really wish I had the tripod on me... Had to bracket the exposures by hand.
Black Sand - Nikon D7000, Big Island.

Na Pali Coast

Lindsay and I were able to take a dinner/sunset cruise on our last full day on Kauai. The crew were awesome, and they did a good job of passing out the food (which was great!) and giving us insight into coast line. A must do if you find yourself on Kauai.

Going to be working on the next photo tonight. Looking at one of the shots I took of the black sand beach we visited!
Seaside cliffs - iPhone, Waimea Canyon.

The View - iPhone, Na Pali coast cruise.

Spine - iPhone, Na Pali coast cruise.

Waimea Canyon

Lindsay and I drove up the Waimea Canyon road and stopped along the way to take in the views. Its an amazing location where you can from sea level up to 4000 feet into the clouds. 

Waimea Canyon - Nikon D7000, Two blended exposures.

Shipwreck Coast

Taken while walking the Shipwreck coast line during the sunrise. Such a great location to take in the morning, your able to watch the tide smash into the coastline. Just at the break you can watch Sea Turtles come up for air, then dive down to feed.

This exposure is made up of two shots. One exposure was balanced for the ground and sea. While the other was balanced for the sky. It was tough getting a single exposure to balance all those elements in one go. I had my Cokin Filters but it just wasn't balancing it well and the extra filter in front of the lens added extra flare. 

Hope you enjoy the shot :)

Poipu, Kauai.