DreamWorks Animation - Group Photography Show

Ready to ship!!!
Just finished up printing/framing the set of photo's for a group photography show taking place at DreamWorks Animation on December 15th. Onur Yeldan, Adam Dotson (Two awesome animators down at the Glendale Campus) and myself did a gallery show a few years ago and had alot of fun putting it together. Its great that the studio allows it's artists to put up small gallery shows in different locations across their campus's. Can't wait to see the guys prints all framed up!

Now the hard part comes into play...shipping... Need to get these prints down to the guys in one piece :)

Also, Squeak decided to help out abit. He was making sure those pictures wouldn't fall over while getting this shot. He is good like that.

Catching Fire

Catching Fire - Nikon D7000, 2 hand blended exposures.
Taken last Saturday morning on the bay in Foster City. I was hoping that the added moisture in the air would help catch some light. But, I didn't expect what was about to happen. Just before the sun started to break the horizon, a sliver of orange started to form. Over the course of 4 to 5 minutes the light started to roll over the cloud bands! Almost as if fire was rolling along the sky between the ground and the cloud ceiling above. Then as quickly as the light advanced it pulled back extinguishing the oranges as the sun broke the horizon.

Needless to say I had to work fast and metering off the changing light was tough. Its always fun setting up in the early morning waiting for the light to put on a show. Looking forward to some more shoots around the bay as winter sets in up here.

Hope you enjoy :) Thanks for stopping by!

Flush with Color

Shoreline, Foster City - Nikon D7000, 2 Step NDG Filter
Woke up early on Saturday to try my hand at some photography with the passing rain storms we have been getting. Luckily the rain stopped as I walked out to the shore line and was able to find a setup. Once the light started to break, it was quick! Only had a good 3-4 minutes with the light getting caught up in cloud bands running over the bay. Will be processing one more exposure from that morning's shoot. 

Now that winter seems to be setting in I hope to get out and do more shooting. Really enjoy walking out to crisp air and heavy clouds. Work is ramping up alot, but we did just hit a mile stone on Madagascar 3, 50%!!! Time is really flying these days, and can't believe we are in November now.

Morning Walk

Poipu, Kauai - Nikon D7000, Two blended exposures.
Taken while on a morning walk near Poipu Beach. Kinda missed the real light show that morning, and found this composition after it started to fade. Next time I need to set the alarm earlier!

We are now starting to get some rain in the bay area so I'm hoping to get out and do some shooting this weekend around the water. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.