Fun link and my first animation note!

Stumbled across this link...I wish I had moves like that. (Video link so Dialup beware.)

This week finished out pretty well I think. Let go of two shots, and I will be launched on another two next week. Spent today just exploring poses, and seeing what I could do with the facial shapes on our main character. Also we had a studio wide update and things look awesome! Look for some great movies from Dreamworks in the next few years ahead. I'm really excited to be part of the studio, and hope that they will allow me to stay on and keep helping out. Well I'm off to explore the San Diego Zoo this weekend so lookout for some drawings of that.

Animation Note: what does your negative space look like? First I just thought of keeping your silhouettes clean and readable. But what about creating rhythm or design with your negative shapes...Putting a hand on a hip or scratching ones head can give great triangle shapes which can sometimes help keep the viewers eyes on our characters. Just in my few months on the job I have seen some awesome, and extremely creative uses of this in poses. Try it out! Its something I'm getting into myself, and hope that it can give my shots a stronger visual appeal.

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