Relaxin weekend.

Lindsay and I ended up taking it easy for the most part this weekend. Caught Dreamworks Animation screening of Flushed Away. The teams who worked on the film did such a wonderful job. It was great to see the names of some of the animators I work with at the studio, and to see their shots up on the big screen. Also while waiting to pick Lindsay up at the airport I did a few sketches.

We decided to hit up Disneyland again on Sunday just to get a few rides in. We also tried out the "how to draw Disney characters." Sadly we left without our drawings, but we were instructed on how to draw Donald.(Where I also learned that he has been in the most animations of any Disney character...) Next time we shall save the drawings.

Tonight after getting in from the park I did a quick tweak to that bouncing ball with a leg test. I tweaked the ending so that he lands toe, to ball then heel. Then added a little hop back, sense today there was this kid at the park who jumped off a railing and hopped back due to his landing. Thought it might be something to add in. So after a few mins of messing around. Here it is.

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chris chua said...

nice observational sketches. Hope to see more from ya!!