Its getting to be that time of year!

Thanksgiving was great, and getting to meet up with the Ringling crew was non-stop laughs. I hope everyone’s thanksgivings went smoothly as well. Below is a quick sketch I did of a restaurant that Lindsay and I hit up during the holiday weekend. The next few weeks I foresee my posts getting sparse, but work is going to be getting extra hours in the coming weeks.

Also as its getting closer to the x-mass time and I just wanted to post up a couple links to some charity organizations that have been great resources to me over the past few years. One of the links (childsplaycharity) was shown to my by my old roommate Jason, and we both have been active with it for a few years now. There are plenty of places to give a little to and these are just a few.

Happy Holiday’s everyone. Keep drawing, and be safe!

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Jason Williams said...

I love the simplicity to the faces, they convey expression pretty cleanly. The subtle areas where you used marker for depth are cool too, though if you are going to use it in a few places for lighting you should probably use it in a LOT of places. :)

looking good man, keep at it! Also, how'd you get it to scan a page from your moleskine so well? I've had the darndest time trying to do the same...