One for the road.

I'll be heading out of town for the next two weeks and wanted to put up a couple figure drawings that have been collecting dust.

I'm very excited about the next couple weeks where I will be doing as much drawing and photography as I can fit in! I'll be stopping at home for abit where I hope to get in some watercolors and landscape photography. Then its off to Hong Kong with Lindsay to visit her cousin and to see all that architecture which has enthralled me sense the very first glimpse of its towering buildings from photos. If all goes well I should come back with some nice additions to the old blog and some new perspectives over on flickr. Hope everyone is doing well, and see you all in two weeks!


Guillermo said...

Have an awesome trip! Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

Jennifer Hager said...

Have a sweet time Kevin! Can't wait to see those photos. :)

Mike said...

Needs more shading on her upper lip. About 4 hours worth.