How to Train Your Dragon! (March 26th 2010)

In just under one months time. How to Train Your Dragon will release in theaters! (March 26th,2010) All of us at Dreamworks are really excited and can't wait for the public to see the film.

Working under the directors Dean Deblois, and Chris Sanders was super inspiring. Being on the animation team for the film was amazing. The crews involved will look back on this film with great pride and accomplishment for sure. Myself and a couple members of the Dragon's team recently went back to Ringling College of Art and Design to showcase some of the work. The response was fantastic! As you can see I can't speak highly enough about the film and the crews involved. Hope you all enjoy spending some time on the Isle of Berk :)

Last Trailer:

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Ivana said...

Hi! It is really awesome that you worked on this movie! It is absolutely one of the best movies I've seen since... oh gosh. Maybe Jurassic Park.

I'm actually very surprised that I found you on Blogspot. Me and my 3D animation class -at this very moment -are researching animators who worked on movies that we thought had some pretty sweet graphics. Besides Jurassic Park (the obvious pick would be special effects guru, the late Stan Winston), there was just How to Train Your Dragon.

Thank you for your part in this film!

Ivana Miranovic