Well just finished up a great weekend over at Disneyland with Lindsay. Her and her team got to fly down to see the construction site of the new Finding Nemo ride called Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. It should open sometime in the summer of 07 I believe.(Best to check Disney's site for up todate info on the rides schedules and such.) I know she and her team were extremely excited to see it all coming together down there. I personally can't wait to ride it!

Also coming out this week is Dreamworks Animation's Over the Hedge (Oct 17th)! (Note I didn't work on Over the Hedge)

Its been a very exciting time for Lindsay and I being at our jobs. Its so much more then we could of asked for coming right out of school. We are learning so much and are working as hard as we can so that our teams keep us animating for more projects to come.

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