And so it begins.

My jump into the world of color that is(Don't laugh at the paintings too much hehe). It has been fun, but also very tough getting workflow, color theory, and materials going. I do feel that I'm finally at a point now where I can take on this side of art, and try to develop it for some fun expression, and dare I say art for art sake...

I have come across these two artists and have been taken with their uses of shape, color and contrast. Scott Morse's style is wonderful! (I have been following his work for style) Great shapes, fun designs and the colors really add some life to his layouts. Also Hiroshi Yoshida's landscapes are great uses of color. So for the past couple weeks I have been looking to these guys for some inspiration and education.

I hope to keep pushing forward with painting and getting a better grip on its uses. I have to say thanks to Chris and Jason for helping me get going on this stuff as well.

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Duncan Barton said...

cool man, I think I like the envelope-shaped one the best. Hope all is well in cali!