First post of the new year!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday break! Below are a couple sketches to start things off. During lunch a few guys from work went over to draw some horses and I have to say it was a blast. One of the animators at work Tomo gave me this great pen from Japan on his trip home there during the holidays, and was great for drawing the horses. I hope we get to do more location sketching during the lunch breaks as the projects roll on. The other image is of sketches done during meetings, and dailies. Gotta love the classic office post-it.

Also got a chance to see Children of Men...Really great film, and how they pulled off those long shots is beyond me.


Jason Williams said...

Nice man! The horse at the top of the page is pretty kickin', and the environment at the bottom of the page is awesome. Love how delicate your linework looks the majority of the time. :)

The post-its! hot damn, I'm really digging the entire top half of the page, especially the scientist-looking fella in the middle. Keep it up man, and post some more dammit!

Jeremy Schramm said...

Lovin the post-it sketches! they all look so detailed yet simple at the same moment. truly incredible. And that pen work with the horses... OH man love it. I can see your training in the octagon has improved your skill greatly!