Things are getting busy!

Back from a nice 3 day weekend! Got a chance to check out PDI up north, and see some of my friends who are working on Shrek 3. Lindsay and I also went whale watching Saturday morning out in Monterey. We got to see a Humpback, and a pod of Grey whales which was just amazing. Then we spent most of the weekend buzzing around the bay area. I really only got to sit and do one drawing, and of course it was when I’m waiting for my plane to board Monday night. Sadly I think I’m drawing at airports waaayyy to much lately.

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Jason Williams said...

man, that's pimp. the little details like the cup on the tray that's on top of the garbage are really nice. What caught my eyes first though was that you used the marker really well for pushing the objects behind the counter into the background, and tastefully everywhere else in the image. Nice work man!