One year, two months, and 10 days.

That is the time spent working on the first film of my career. Bee Movie here at Dreamworks Animation! Today I "wrapped" animation on the film, granted over the next couple weeks I might be doing small fixes here and there. To sum up my experience here... It wont fit into a single post but I can say it has been one of highlight's of my life thus far. Just a little over a year of leaving Ringling I have had the chance to work with amazingly talented animators, artists, and yes even Jerry Seinfeld. All on a daily basis!

I owe allot of thanks to the crew, Ringling, and my family. I can't wait for November 2ND to hit, and actually see it all together. I'm extremely proud to have been a part of it. Now its onto the next film, and to continue to push my animation skills.

Here are a couple pics that Travis Price (artist/resident photographer at DWA) took of the anim crew.

This was a quote from one of my fellow animators that has stuck with me sense my first weeks, "Believe in the characters you work with."


Chris Nabholz said...

Hot Dog! thats awesome, contrats.

Guillermo said...

Congratulations Kevin!! I can't wait to see it either!

Those photos look exactly like how I imagine the Glendale campus in my mind: happy, handsome people bathed in a magical, soft, dream-like light. Awesome!